Giving commands in Afrikaans

afrikaans is fun


Today I want to talk about giving commands in Afrikaans. This new skill can be introduced by using simple examples. Before we continue here are some vocabulary that might be useful:

Exclamation mark- uitroepteken

Capital letter-hoofletter

Command sentence- bevelsin


A command sentence in Afrikaans starts with a verb and ends with an exclamation mark or full stop.


Here are some examples of command sentences:

Gooi die kookwater by die koffie! (Add water to the coffee (granules))

Drink jou koffie! (Drink your coffee)

Eet jou toebroodjie! (Eat your sandwich) The verbs are highlighted in bold and italic.


All of us need to make coffee, a sandwich or pour a glass of milk at some stage every day. An idea is to make a flashcard or poster (even a post-it) and put it up in your kitchen. On the poster you can write the Afrikaans command sentences to use when you make coffee etc.


If you’d like me to write down the steps to make coffee, tea, a sandwich etc. in a next blog please let me know via e-mail or leave a comment below.


Tomorrow I’ll be talking about question words. Have a good evening,



1 thought on “Giving commands in Afrikaans

  1. Abdullah

    The verbs are not appearing in Red


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