Would you like the blog in Afrikaans?

Good day,

Would you like the blog posts in Afrikaans as well?

Let me clarify: would you like to have an Afrikaans only version of the blog or should I put it at the bottom of the page? 

Please choose an option and reply below:

1. The blog stays as it is but I add an Afrikaans translation at the bottom.

2. I publish the same post first in English and then separately in Afrikaans.


I’ll post today’s post a bit later,



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Very creative. Happily married. Living on a plot with my husband and two dogs. Loving life.

One thought on “Would you like the blog in Afrikaans?”

  1. Why make it difficult. This blog is about Afrikaans as a second language. If needed and somebody of another language e.g. Tswana or Arabic want to use this blog translate it in that language.


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