Ideas for reading in Afrikaans


As we all know reading is very important but how to encourage our children to read is a question many parents ask. Below are a few ideas on this topic:

  • Find books that are within your child’s interest. If your child enjoys the topic he will be more willing to read.
  • What usually works for me is to give the child a book that is a bit too easy for him/her to start off with. This encourages the child and gives him/her self-confidence.
  • Have a competition and reward. If your child reads…..books he/she will get ……. Reward.
  • Join your local library. They have great programs to encourage reading.
  • Make a reading corner in your child’s room.


Posture when reading


When your child reads aloud a good idea is to let him/her sit at a desk with both feet on the floor. The book needs to be lifted from the table in a comfortable position. (Not lying flat on the table) This will enable the child to breathe properly and then have better voice projection.


If you need a list of websites with good Afrikaans books please contact me. Find me on Facebook or Twitter @AmandaCalitz


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