Jaarlikse Nasionale Assessering (JNA) Huistaal Graad 4

It’s that time of the year again! ANA! The national standardised assessment. Below you will find some guidelines from the Gauteng Dept of education for ANA.

How does this apply to home schoolers? It might assist you to see what children in South African schools are doing in Grade 4 Afrikaans Home Language.

1. Storie/ story: read the text and identify main events. Make a summary.
2. Nuusberig/ koerant artikel. Newspaper article. Read a newspaper article and analyze it.
3. Poetry. Identify alliteration,  rhyme. Learn new vocabulary.
4. Lees en skryftekens. Punctuation
5. Spelling
6. Selfstandige naamwoorde. Nouns
7. Voorsetsels.  Prepositions.
8. Prefix and suffix.
9. Sinoniem. Synonyms
10. Antoniem. Antonyms
11. Homoniem.
12. Antoniem
13. Beeldspraak
15. Idiome.
16. Write a paragraph.
17. Give instructions.

The above is a guideline and not the beginning and end of assessment for grade 4.

Hope it helps.


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