Manlik en vroulik/ Male and female

Pair the following words:

Pas die vroulike vorm by die manlike vorm:

Manlik                                                                           Vroulik

1.sekretaris                                                      a. ooi

2. hings                                                                     b. sekretaresse

3. ram                                                                     c.bestuurderes

4. bestuurder                                                      d. teef

5.reun                                                                   e. merrie                                                                     f. sog



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Very creative. Happily married. Living on a plot with my husband and two dogs. Loving life.

2 thoughts on “Manlik en vroulik/ Male and female”

    1. Thanks for the comment! South Africa has 11 official languages so most people speak 3 or more languages. That is why learning a new language is almost part of daily life. Hope you drop by again soon 🙂


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