Jan en die Boontjierank

I found some great sites with different versions of “Jan en die Boontjierank.” Jan en die boontjierank on You Tube Jan en die boontjierank with pictures and sounds Jan en die boontjierank theatre production will be in Stellenbosch in March 2015 You can also find some Jan en die boontjierank books: Penquin books Protea bookshop

Jan en die boontjierank

Below is the Afrikaans version of Jack and the beanstalk. This is part of a theme to encourage comprehension of Afrikaans. Jan en die boontjierank Lank, lank gelede het ‘n seun en sy ma in ‘n klein huisie in ‘n klein dorpie gewoon. Die seun het elke dag skooltoe gegaan en sy ma in die … Continue reading Jan en die boontjierank

Jack and the Beanstalk

As mentioned in my previous blog here is Jack and the Beanstalk in English. Find the Afrikaans version here. It might help if you read this with my blog: Tips for reading Afrikaans.  This is part of a theme to encourage comprehension of Afrikaans.   Jack and the Beanstalk Long, long ago a boy and his … Continue reading Jack and the Beanstalk

Jan en die boontjierank/ Jack and the beanstalk

Our next short theme will be Jack and the beanstalk. Most of us know this classic story so it might be easier to relate to the vocabulary. Please also read my post: Ideas for reading in Afrikaans. Like my Facebook page. Follow me on Twitter @AmandaCalitz Most of us know this classic story so it might … Continue reading Jan en die boontjierank/ Jack and the beanstalk

Afrikaans grade 6 Test FAL

Skryf die volgende as bevelsinne: Eet jou kos. _____________________________ Skryf in jou boek. ____________________________ Skryf die regte voornaamwoorde: Sarie maak vir Sarie tee. _________________________- Gert maak vir Gert kos. _________________________ Die onderwyser skryf in die onderwyser se boek. _________________________ Skryf die regte byword(opposite) Hy hardloop nie vinnig nie hy hardloop __________ Meervoude Enkelvoud Meervoud Het … Continue reading Afrikaans grade 6 Test FAL

Past tense in Afrikaans

I’ve made a “Past tense recipe” to go with our theme of food and cooking. Past tense is verlede tyd in Afrikaans. Recipe for Past tense: Ingredients Het Ge+ verb (some verbs need glue –the ge- goes inside the verb)   Method Step 1: Look at the sentence and identify the verb. Step 2: Verb … Continue reading Past tense in Afrikaans

Descriptive paragraph

Hallo!   Keeping with our theme I will discuss methods to write a descriptive paragraph. When you write a descriptive paragraph you can think of it as if you are making a sandwich. For your “descriptive paragraph sandwich” you need two slices of “bread” and two toppings (I chose cheese and polony)   Step 1: … Continue reading Descriptive paragraph

Ideas for reading in Afrikaans

Hallo, As we all know reading is very important but how to encourage our children to read is a question many parents ask. Below are a few ideas on this topic: Find books that are within your child’s interest. If your child enjoys the topic he will be more willing to read. What usually works … Continue reading Ideas for reading in Afrikaans

Plurals in Afrikaans

Hallo In Afrikaans there are some words with plurals and some without. A guideline is that only names for things you can count gets plurals in Afrikaans (eg. Tomato, potato, cake etc.) For things you cannot count (you need to weigh it or use some other form of measurement) doesn’t have a plural (water, maize … Continue reading Plurals in Afrikaans

Speech (continued)

Hallo, In the previous blog I’ve conveyed ideas on preparing a speech.  Assessment of your child’s work is very important. This will help you to identify areas of development. The best way to do this is by using a rubric. In this way you can pinpoint these areas. Below is an example of such a … Continue reading Speech (continued)