Dit is Kersfeestyd/ It is Christmas

Dit is Kersfeestyd/ It is Christmas Op 25 Desember herdenk ons die geboorte van Jesus. Op hierdie dag vier ons fees en is dankbaar dat God Sy Enigste Seun aarde toe gestuur het sodat ons vir ewig by God kan wees. Dit is lekker om as ‘n gesin bymekaar te wees. Soms gee ons vir … Continue reading Dit is Kersfeestyd/ It is Christmas

Kort Lente storie antwoorde

Please find the questions of this comprehension test here. Vertaal in Engels: komkommer-cucumber groente-vegetables spitvurk-fork grafie-spade spinasie-spinach Begripstoets 1. Wat is die hoofkarakter in die storie se naam? Susan 2. Hoe oud is Susan? 11 jaar 3. In watter graad is Susan? Graad 6 4. Wat wou sy in die tuin gaan doen het? Sy … Continue reading Kort Lente storie antwoorde

Jan en die Boontjierank

I found some great sites with different versions of “Jan en die Boontjierank.” Jan en die boontjierank on You Tube Jan en die boontjierank with pictures and sounds Jan en die boontjierank theatre production will be in Stellenbosch in March 2015 You can also find some Jan en die boontjierank books: Penquin books Protea bookshop

Jan en die boontjierank woordeskat

Below is the suggested new vocabulary  for  Jack and the beanstalk./ Jan en die boontjierank. You might want to take a look at my post introducing vocabulary as well.  This is part of a theme to encourage comprehension of Afrikaans. English word-Afrikaans word boontjie rank- beanstalk Lank, lank gelede-long long ago klein huisie-small house klein dorpie-small … Continue reading Jan en die boontjierank woordeskat

Interrogative pronouns/Vraende voornaamwoorde

Hallo, When asking a question in English we use an interrogative pronoun. The same applies for Afrikaans. When introducing the topic help your child to recall a pronoun’s function. It is to is to replacea noun or pronoun.  Without pronouns, sentences are could be akward.  Here’s an example. Sarah was very happy because Sarah baked a … Continue reading Interrogative pronouns/Vraende voornaamwoorde

Introducing vocabulary

Hallo!! As I said in my previous blog my first theme is going to be food. The reason why I chose this theme is because it is something we all have in common. When I introduce a new theme or vocabulary I try to go from the known into the unknown. For example I wouldn’t … Continue reading Introducing vocabulary

Our first theme: Food

Hallo!! Hope you had a great day! For the next three months I am going to try to convey information to you that could help you to master some basic skills in Afrikaans. The aim of this blog is to help you as a parent to help your child with Afrikaans. I don’t have a … Continue reading Our first theme: Food